Kids have a special set of eyes to watch the world. Their creations are naive and full of dreams. There is something extremely positive in childhood: children have this surprising freshness and honesty that we can only aspire to comprehend. They have no experience; they are virgin of competition and promotion. They build crudely and dirtily and do not focus on the look of their design: it is too long and superficial. During our workshops, we try to show the children some new ways to connect their fantastic imagination with functionality. Our students hold a certain imagination that designers can only envy. Their creations are surprising, probably thanks to their spontaneity and their naivety facing judgment.

Hina and Olivia

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The directions for using a Fork

You will find below some of the instructions to use a fork, made by the pupils of Thorpedene School.
This class was level 5 (8-9 years old)

Exercise 1 
We asked them to imagine that they would have to explain a friend, coming from another planet, how to use a Fork. I have to admit, we had a lot of fun.

Our brief sounded so French, that most of them have preferred dedicating the instructions to the foLk 

After asking them to guess the weight, the size and the material of the fork, we suggested them to attribute the object a new function.  

Hina et Olivia

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London, East London, United Kingdom
Olivia and Hina met in France in 2005, during their Art and Design Bachelors at ESAD de Reims. They both studied together for their Masters in London, at the renowned Royal College of Art, in Platform 10, where they graduated from Design Products in 2009. Since Then, designer and Illustrator Olivia Decaris has spent her time working from her own studio, running workshops and participating in design groups throughout Europe while negotiating her first projects going into production. In the meantime, Hina Thibaud has been working on the design of a hat collection in collaboration with knitters and stylists and has started developing children products such as My Theatre Suitcase. A common interest in the theme of ‘childhood’ has united the two designers on collaborative projects such as the instauration of Children’s design workshops and the curation of exhibitions.